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Mal Wright
Former Australian Diamonds Statistician

"SportCentrAll has the Netball App I thought Netball would never see."

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Amanda Mynhardt
Former Protea Netball Captain

"SportCentrAll is an excellent tool for netball coaches. I enjoy everything about it. The live stats are great to use during matches, sharing plays with players and giving them feedback all within one space is amazing! I would recommend it to everyone out there."

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Will Jefferson
Former Professional Cricket Player - England A

"The SportCentrAll app would have been invaluable throughout my cricket career. I am amazed by the possibilities it offers. Collecting data from a young age allows you to see your progress over time. It shifts the focus from competing against others, but rather encourages you to compete against yourself. Simply being better today than what you were yesterday."

"We don't need printed programs because we make use of the SportCentrAll app, and we think that is the future. It's very easy to make last minute changes. I would like all schools to use the app, as that would make it easy to follow all school sport across the country." - Herman van der Merwe (School Principal)

"What I love most about the SportCentrAll app is how informative and user-friendly it is. Seeing all my stats on the app helps me to improve my hockey skills." - Sipho Matlabelo (School Hockey Striker)

"It's so awesome to see the live scores, and see which games are played at which fields. You can be in two placed at the same time. That's how good the app is." - Randall Nelson (Parent)

"It was very easy to download the SportCentrAll app. I just received the link, downloaded the app and then it was easy to install and use." - Charles (1st team Hockey Coach)

"We didn't receive a printed program this year, so I downloaded the app. It was very easy to use and follow where the different games were being played and get a detailed understanding of what is happening when and where. You don't have to worry about losing paper because you have it on your phone, and we always have our phones with us... It's very easy to download and you can navigate easily into the different areas." - Odette Victor (Parent)

"I'm using the SportCentrAll app and it's amazing. You see live feeds, you get the scores and you know where the guys are on the field and if you quickly want to go to another place you've got it on the app and you just go for it and look at the scores." - Wayne (Parent, Northern Cape)

"It's actually a good tool to have… It's fantastic to use." - Chris Gordon (Parent, Northern Cape)

"What I like most about the SportCentrAll app is that we have real-time results on what is happening currently, so we don't have to stay inside and watch what our players are doing. We can see what they are doing on the app without bothering the players currently playing their chess games. SportCentrAll has helped my team better prepare themselves for the next round, we could see how the previous teams preformed in their rounds so we could emotionally and mentally prepare ourselves for the battle that would pursue on the chessboard… I think it's amazing that the app is so diverse, with so many different sports and that they cater for all the sports, not just specifically one." - Neil (Captain of Chess Team)

"The thing I love most about the SportCentrAll app is that anywhere I am, even if I'm not at the game, I can see the scores." - Marco Hagen (1st team Hockey player)

"It's easy to use, you can follow the feeds live. People from home can watch you from far away when you're playing. It's great." - Will (First team rugby player)

“It is very valuable to our sport event because the information is available to the spectators immediately… We are impressed with the added value of this app to our event. The feature that has been most game-changing was the instant availability of information.” - Abri Myburgh (School Head of Sport)