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Are you a Scorer or Analyst that wishes there was an easier way to fill in those complex data sheets, and that you didn’t have to spend hours after each game to enter that data into a database?

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It couldn't have been easier...


Allow Coaches and Players to have access to valuable data to improve their game.

Stats & data to coaches and players

Improve your scoring performance over time by practicing in the Demo Scoring module.

Improve scoring performance

Score from anywhere in the world, whether it is in-person or via a live video feed. Information is shared with users and Coaches instantaneously.

Global platform
Electronic scoring

Say goodbye to paper-based scoring, for good.


Switch between your different profiles all within the app. 

Game invitations

Receive invitations to score games. View all your past, present and future games in one place.


In-App notifications to remind you of those important dates and times

Game invitations

Receive invitations from Managers, Coaches and Administrators.

In-app messaging

In-App messaging between Players, Scorers, Administrators and Coaches.

Live scoring

Score games live, providing valuable information to fans and coaches, all in real-time.

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No longer...


Our platform...

do you need to used outdated paper sheets.

allows you to capture the same information (and more) by using your mobile phone or tablet.

do you need to spend hours after each game to enter data manually.

saves the information as you score, allowing you to only capture it once.

do you need to organise a separate timekeeper.

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allows you to keep the time and score the game, all at once.

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