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Players & Athletes

Are you a Player or Athlete who desperately wants to improve your game but just don’t know where to start? Or wishes there was an App that could record your game day & Training stats so that you can work on your weak points during the week?

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We have exactly what you need...

Mental health

Take control of your mental health, manage stress levels and stay focused on your goals.

Send and receive in-App messages to Coaches, Players and Scorers.

In-app messaging
Players & Athletes
Injury management
Showcase your talent globally

Showcase your talent on the global stage. No more boundaries.

Monitor performance

Monitor your performance both on and off the field. Record stats and other data to become the ultimate version of yourself.

Take advantage of your brand and monetize for yourself.

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Training sessions
Monetise your own brand

Create your own training session or follow one that your Coach has created. Record every step, every rep.

Data graphs

Visually see how you're improving as a player over time.

Data analysis

Analyse your captured data with the use of graphs.

Track and monitor your injuries. Work with medical professionals to ensure you get back in the game, safely.

Decide what you showcase to the outside world.

Receive in-App notifications and alerts for important dates and times.

Log your mood

Record and track daily mood, sleep, weight and other metrics.


No longer...


Our platform...

will you not have access the information you need in order to improve your game.

allows you and Scorers to capture everything and anything that will allow you to work on your game, whether it is game information or just training.

do you need to remember the details of those difficult team plays.

will you struggle to get exposure on a global stage.

SportCentrAll GooglePlay
SportCentrAll AppStore

saves visual, interactive team plays under your team's profile, allowing you to go over it when you want, as many times as you want.

puts you on the global stage and allows anyone from anywhere to appreciate your talent. That Scout or Agent may already be watching...

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Players & Athletes
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