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Coaches & Managers

Are you a Coach that struggles to improve your team’s performance, but can’t afford specialised software tools to pin-point what exactly they’re getting wrong?

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View details of all of your past, present and future games. Access detailed stats of every game played.

Sport Fixtures & Results
Sport Coach
Player training stats

View Player Gym & Training Stats.

Team performance monitoring

Monitor Team & Player performance over time.

Coach Playbook

Design your own Plays through our Coach's interactive Playbook.

In-app messaging

Send and Receive in-App messages to Players, Managers and other staff.

Data analysis

Use graphs to analyse data.

Player management

Use the Whiteboard feature to quickly draw up plays to share with your team. Forget paper, forever.

Coach whiteboard

Save your Plays in your Playbook. Access and Share as you see fit. Never lose another brilliant idea.

Live team performance monitoring

Monitor Team Performance Live, while the game is played.

Take notes

Use data and your notes to select the best team for each game.

Player improvement

See what players are improving and who needs additional guidance.

Team management

All you need to know about your team and players, all in one place.

Make notes on players


No longer...


Our platform...

do you need to pay thousands of dollars for high-end video analysis software to capture valuable data on your team or players.

provides you the tools to do it yourself, at an affordable price.

do you have to wait days to have access to your team's stats.

gives you data in real-time to make in-game decisions.

do you have to scribble your strategic ideas on a piece of paper, only to run the risk of losing it.

SportCentrAll GooglePlay
SportCentrAll AppStore

gives you an in-app Coach Playbook where you can design interactive plays, just the way you want them. Plays are shared securely with Players all within the app.

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