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Are you a Club or School Administrator that spends days trying to schedule events using Excel, organising people, sending emails, tracking down information, or just having to work with clunky and frustrating software?

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We have just the solution for you...

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Calendar feature for every element. Easy to navigate and keep track of everything that is going on.

Sporting calendar
Create sport fixtures

Create upcoming Events and Tournaments. Schedule all the fixtures and make changes on the go.

Club settings
Your own app
SportCentrAll Club Admin
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Sport program overview
Sponsors & Advertisers
Sport in-app messaging

Send and receive in-App messages. Contact anyone from Managers, Coaches, Players and Admins. It's never been so easy.

Have complete visibility over your sports program, no matter how many games, how many tournaments or teams involved. Easily view and access the information you need and action accordingly.

Generate additional revenues and provide greater exposure to your loyal Sponsors.

Your Own Customisable app inside the SportCentrAll app

In full control of all your School or Club's settings.

Tournament creation

Create a whole tournament, from the teams who participate, to the venue, and everything in between.

Player privacy

Have full control over the security of information of your Players & Athletes. 


Sell advertising space on your profile and benefit financially.


No longer...


Our platform...

do you need to send endless updates to participants when event fixtures change.

allows you to make changes that are reflected immediately and shared with everyone.

do you need to use multiple software platforms to cater for all your needs.

brings everything into one place. And we mean everything!

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